Winners Interview!

1. According to you what were your key priorities while designing? 

“The design of the house should reflect the culture of the land in some aspect. In Indian society we often have family and friends visiting our home for formal and informal gatherings, so a house should be flexible to cater to more people under the given carpet area.”, said Mohsin.

2. When asked “What all you made sure were avoided ?”

Mohsin replied, “Things which reduce the carpet area should be avoided as far as possible, like masonry walls, adding a lot of furniture or having room proportions that make the space feel small after putting furniture.”

3. What was the toughest part for you? 

“Providing flexible spaces, with a good amount of storage, and have free spaces to encourage more activities.”

4. We would like to know the special features of your design in your words?

” Spaces that are rectangular in proportions give more comfort and encourages more activities in the house.

ii. Stacking blocks benefits in getting an open space outside the bedroom. It can be used as a multipurpose room like a bedroom open to the sky with a curtain on all sides or an outdoor living area for gatherings.

iii. Railing designed in the fourth dimension makes the house more dynamic.

iv. Water pound which allows stray dogs to quench their thirst which results in free security for the house.”, enlisted Mohsin.

5. What do you think about this challenge 1? 

“Micro House seems to be the future of the country. Indian people living in slums lack proper shelter, have a poor space quality and poor sanitation, so the concept of micro-house can be a good solution to it. The challenge has encouraged and given the opportunity to many young architects to think and come up with ideas and solve such problems in the future. It has also helped in building self-confidence and has enhanced one’s thinking capabilities.”

Thank you! Mr. Mohsin

It was great talking to you.

Congratulations again!

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