When COVID-19 hit us, it hit us hard. Many lives were affected. Many businesses went  down, many people lost their jobs, and  a lot of them lost their lives. Government took various steps  to compensate its peoples’ loss. Many schemes were launched, many funds were  raised. A lot of NGOs (Non Government Organization) came forward to help. Every person  helped the needy in whatever way it was possible.

But, are  only humans effected from this? Are only humans dying?

To find the answer, let’s just go for a 2 minute walk down  your street. What did you see? Who else lives in these streets apart from humans?

Yes, stray animals.

Micro Nation is here  with a challenge to design a small living unit for stray  animals (dogs,  cats, cows  etc.)  at street level, where there is facility of dumping your leftovers and vegetable peels for stray animals.


  1. The unit should have the facility of shed for these animals for times like rain and winter.
  2. There is no minimum or maximum area restriction. But the unit size must be conventional for construction in street colonies.
  3. It should be self-sufficient and must not require any official for maintenance. Weekly cleaning by government dirt pickers must do.
  4. It should be a prototype that could be copied wherever needed, with bare minimum changes (if required).


  1. Registration deadline: 25th November, 2020
  2. Submission deadline: 30th November, 2020
  3. Result Announcement: 10th December, 2020

(The following dates can be a subject of modification, if necessary.)


Cash Prizes Worth INR 12,000.

  • Cash Prize of INR 7000. 
  • Selection for implementation*
  • Certificate of Achievement.
  • Acknowledgement on our Social Media and Website.

1st Runner Up:

  • Cash Prize of INR 3500. 
  • Selection for implementation*
  • Certificate of Achievement.
  • Acknowledgement on our Social Media and Website.
2nd Runner Up:
  • Cash Prize of INR 1500. 
  • Selection for implementation*
  • Certificate of Achievement.
  • Acknowledgement on our Social Media and Website.
TOP 5 Honorable Mentions:
  • Certificates
  • Acknowledgement on our Social Media and Website.

All the participants will receive a participation certificate.

The top 3 designs will be sent  further to authorities for approval of implementation. And if the design gets approved, it will be  in the name of the participants only.

( *It is not necessary, that  the  project gets  approved for implementation)


  1. EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION (16th-31st October, 2020): For Indian Participants- 300 INR; For International Participants- 6 USD
  2. STANDARD REGISTRATION (1st-15th November, 2020): For Indian Participants- 360 INR; For International Participants- 9 USD
  3. LATE REGISTRATION (16th – 25th November, 2020 ): For Indian Participants- 450 INR; For International Participants- 12 USD

Note: A team can have upto 3 members. If all the members of a team had participated in both of our previous competitions, they can avail 15% discount in registration fees till 31th October,2020. Send us the certificates of MNC1 AND MNC2 (of all the members) at microaintsmall@gmail.com to avail the discount offer.

(*Amount is non-refundable.)


Submit an A2 sheet with at least the following requirements:

  1. Plan, Section (Minimum 1), View (Minimum 1)
  2. Concept
  3. Approximate cost
  4. Design explanation (Word limit: 150 words)
  5. Team code to be mentioned at the top right corner of the sheet.
  6. Submission must not include your Name, School or Organization which gives away your identity.
  7. All dimensions should be imperial or metric unit.


  1. Submit in .jpeg format of size not more than 5mb.
  2. Sheet name:  Your unique code (MNC3-XXX)
  3. Send your entry at: microaintsmall@gmail.com
  4. Subject of the mail: Your unique code (MNC3-XXX)

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Click Below to download competition brief for detailed information. Ask your queries in the comment section or refer the FAQs in the brief.



  1. Good morning,

    Where it says “Weekly cleaning by government dirt pickers must do”, does that mean that there will or will not be any weekly cleaning happening?

    Thank you,

  2. Hello,
    We have been receiving a lot of e-mails from the participants of MNC1 and MNC2 about discount offers.
    So our team has decided….
    If any of the team members have participated in either MNC1 OR MNC2. Their team can avail 10% discount on registration fees. And if any of the team members have participated in both MNC1 and MNC2. Their team can avail 15% discount on registration fees.

    To avail of the offer, email us your certificate from MNC1 and/ or MNC2 at microaintsmall@gmail.com
    Offer valid till 31st October 2020

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