Results MNC-1

Micro Nation just announced the results of Micro Nation Challenge – 1. The challenge was to  design a micro house for The newly married couple. The family includes 2 people, Both are going to live in this house.

There was a lot of interesting projects submitted. Below we present all winning entries:

                                    1st Prize

Project by: Mohsin Phudinawala (Pune,India)

Sheet is self explanatory. All the features of the house are mentioned and represented perfectly.

Hosting large gatherings is the biggest challenge in a micro house. Newly married couples have to host parties and dinners. Even when this is a micro house, here the couple can host many gatherings.

Special care in taken for reduction of heat gain. Also enough green pockets are provided around the house.

The concept of using curtains in the open space to provide privacy is an out of the box thing.

Also the water cuddle created in the front can be used by stray animals to quench their thirst.

The soft features of the house like curtains, wheels on the railing personify a fairy tale.

This entry has kept all the requirements in mind. This is the maximum output out of 6*6 plot area.

Hats off to the participant!


                               1st Runner Up

 Project by: Dimple Jariwala (Surat, India)

This entry has reduced the lines between outdoor and indoor. Wind circulation and light penetration are taken good care of. Availability of natural light during complete day on all the floors makes the building efficient. The trick applied was to capture maximum light with minimum heat.

The design has broken the myth ” a room is an enclosure of four walls”. The separation yet amazing connectivity among different zones of the house is appreciable. The vertical zoning takes care of the privacy even in such an open design.

This design can also accommodate large gatherings in a very small area.

The sheet composition is calm and serene in itself.

” A house which is micro but ain’t small”.


                               2nd Runner Up

Project by: Shivam Arya (Ranchi, India)

The concept is plausible. The use of shipping containers for construction of house is indeed an innovative idea. This idea can be very well implemented in the case dock cities, a very good attempt

Enough open space is provided in this small plot for different purposes. different sets of staircases are provided to reach on first floor. One for indoor connectivity and one for outdoor.

The try of in-cooperating as much greenery in the design is an appreciable attempt.


                              Best Illustration

Project by: Nivedha E (Chennai, India)

                   Special Honorable Mentions

Kanishk Gupta (Mumbai, India)
Kiran Antony (Kerala, India)
Wrick Ash (Kolkata, India)
Nida Shaikh (Mumbai, India)
Yakin Ajay Kinger (Nashik, India)
Meshal Hydrose (Thrissur, India)
Samarth Gupta (Jaipur, India)
Aarushi Jangid (Jaipur, India)

All participants have done a marvelous job, we are grateful to have such amazing entries. We have gone through each and every entry and it was very tough to choose a winner. So those who didn’t find their entry don’t loose hope and better luck next time. Stay Tuned!!

Congratulations! to the Winners.

Team Micro Nation.

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  1. Hello, Micro Nation
    Such an amazing competition i’ve learned a lot while designing this. Thanks a lot keep inspiring us.

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