Starting With The Basics

What is a Micro Dwelling?

Micro dwelling is the system for making low-cost dwellings of variable sizes for any number of persons. It is a space-efficient studio, often including built-in furniture and or storage. The size of a micro dwelling varies between 15-35 sqm depending upon the location. Micro dwellings are often constructed with features like high ceilings and large windows. This leads to a perception that they are larger than a conventional unit.


Elements of Micro Housing


Storage bed is one of the most practical and modish creations of furniture makers to date. What started off as a great hack to save space has now created a niche market for itself. A nicely designed and delicately carved wooden storage bed can make your bedroom decor even more elegant.

On the fundamental level, a storage bed is designed to save space. But it is more than simply that. The other benefits of storage bed are:

  1. It is a great way to maximize storage space which otherwise would have been wasted by installing a platform bed with no storage facilities.
  2. It saves extra expenditure. For the price of 1, you are effectively getting 2 things – 1 bed and 1 cabinet.
  3. A king-size bed with storage is big enough to store almost all blankets, towels, suitcases, clothing, bedding, etc. of a three member family.
  4. It provides amazing flexibility to open the storage area from the sides or top.
  5. It is most appropriate for smaller rooms where large cabinets or cupboards cannot be installed.
  6. It is relatively easy to clean and requires less maintenance.
  7. A storage bed made with hardwood like Sheesham is dust-free and termite resistant.

Storage is storage is storage – right? Wrong. How effectively your premises operate can be heavily impacted by the storage that you choose and the way that you use the space available. Changing storage arrangements, or introducing new ways to organize existing requirements can drastically improve, not just productivity, but also the experience that everyone in the building has of the space they are in. Vertical storage is a great option where an upgrade is required. It can completely alter the use of space and considerably improve efficiency.

Vertical Storage: The Pros

-Setting up vertical storage is eye-catching no matter where in the room you place it. Things that rise up off the ground are much more noticeable and likely to gain notice and comment, so if you’re looking to display something special or have a particularly nice-looking storage method (say, some beautiful modern vertical shelves), this is the way to go.

-Vertical space is much easier to find in most cases. Just look at your floor, then look about halfway up your walls and then up to the ceiling. Where do you see the most space? That’s right: the top half. Because most vertical storage has a small footprint, it’s usually much easier to accommodate.

-It accentuates the height of a room. Some rooms seem empty even when full of furniture and decorations, simply because there’s so much unused space at their tops. Accentuate the lines of your room and give it a complete feeling with good vertical storage.


There is a certain appeal to a home with plenty of windows, even more so for large windows. Most of us would agree that a home with floor to ceiling windows tends to be more desirable than one with fewer and smaller windows. They provide visual access to the outdoors, allow in natural daylight, and can provide fresh air and air circulation. Large windows have plenty of advantages, as listed below. They provide:

1.Plenty of natural daylight. Especially during the dark days of winter, when some of us are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder, large windows can allow light to stream in, allowing you to forgo electric lighting while benefiting from natural light. Exposure to natural light is known to help boost energy and moods and generally makes you feel better, while at the same time regulating your natural circadian rhythm, encouraging better sleeping at night.

2.Passive Solar gain. If designed properly, large well-positioned windows can help heat a home through passive solar gain in the winter when the sun is shining.

3.A way to bring the outdoors in. Large windows can help you feel like you are part of the outdoors even when you’re inside. Studies have shown that views of the natural world have a profound positive effect on our health and well-being. Views of nature help boost our mood and make us happy. The beauty of the outdoors can also be used as a stunning backdrop for your decor.

4. CURTAINS     

-Curtains are an effective and simple way of separating a large area into smaller spaces. I bet what you’re picturing right now is a messy decor and curtains that look like bedsheets. That’s not at all what this is all about. You’d be surprised how elegant curtain room dividers can actually be if you put a little thought into this design strategy. It’s one of the many room divider ideas that we find interesting.

-Curtain dividers are very practical when space is limited. In other words, if you have a small home, you could benefit from removing the walls between certain rooms and using curtains as dividers instead.

-Curtains are also useful when you want to integrate a sleeping area into a multifunctional space without using solid walls. They’re a great alternative for bedroom wall dividers and you can see here that they can also look very elegant.


1. They brighten up the room. White paint on the walls really brightens up space and gives a fresh and calm look. White comes in a variety of shades…your best bet is to try a few sample spots on the walls to see what looks best in the room!

2. It allows you to bring in color elsewhere. You can switch out different colorful pillows or wall art easily and with your constantly changing taste. People get bored with things really quickly and usually end up changing things up with each season. The white walls are a great backdrop for any color.

3. It makes the room appear larger. Dark walls can make a room feel small in size, whereas white can actually make the room appear larger and more open. White diffuses light better than any color and makes the space brighter. When a  home is a cozy little cottage, so the white makes it appear bigger than it really is.


Just imagine yourself walking into a home with high ceilings. There’s an immediate sense of space, air, and light. High ceilings are interesting, appealing, and have definite advantages.

1. They are elegant, fascinating, and luxurious – and open up the room.

2. In warmer climates, it’s easier to cool homes with high ceilings – making the residence more energy-efficient.   

3.No one ever feels cramped or cooped up in a room with high ceilings.

4. They add to the resale value of a home.

5. They provide versatility for a variety of décor ideas. For example, you can add beams for a rustic look; go contemporary, modern, or traditional with pendant lights; or install antique chandeliers for an Old World feel.


1. Saves on floor space

One of the most obvious space benefits of bunk beds is that they save on floor space. With one bed stacked on top of the other, you get two beds for the floor space of one! This frees up floor space for other things such as a desk, dressers, or a play area.

2. Maximizes sleep spaces

Another of the more obvious space benefits of bunk beds is that it allows for more sleep space. With a bunk bed, you can easily accommodate any guests for sleepovers without anyone feeling cramped or uncomfortable. It is also great for siblings to share a room so they each have their own designated sleep space. You can even go with a trundle style bed which allows for a third mattress to be placed underneath the bottom bunk for even more sleep space.

3. Under-bed drawers and stairs eliminate the need for additional furniture

Another great way to save on space using bunk beds is by adding under bed drawers. These drawers are usually on casters, so the drawers will wheel right out for easy use. This helps to maximize space for storing items such as clothes or toys. Another option for maximizing space with bunk beds is the ability to add drawers underneath stairs for even more space. These drawers can be used for toys and clothes, and in some cases, can even be used to eliminate the need for a toy chest or dresser altogether to save on space even more.

4. Changing space needs.

Many bunk beds can be separated into two beds side by side as needed. While this may seem like the opposite of a space saver, it can come in handy if a sibling is getting their own room after sharing a room for a while. You can easily move the top bunk bed to the additional room which will open up even more space ceiling-wise for the bottom bunk left in the original room.


Who are interested in Micro Housing Culture?

Research tells that the primarily targeted group is young single professionals and secondary is younger couples, older moved down singles or used as a second residence for part of a year or workweek.

“Some people have a real need for uniqueness and for the time being, it’s an unusual way to live. Some people really like puzzles and living in a tiny home can be quite a puzzle to figure out how to cook real meals and have a shower you can comfortably step into. Some people are really concerned about environmental responsibility. And sometimes, but not always, these tiny homes are more 95 responsible.”

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