Why Short Competitions?


Every architecture student keeps on looking for an architecture competition to participate in. But have you ever asked yourself, ” Why am I participating in these competitions”?

For cash prizes?

For acknowledgement?

 or For learning something new?

International competition organizers charge handsome registration fees for their competitions. When you participate in them, no doubt you try your best and give your full efforts. BUT! Is that enough? Winning these competitions take a lot of hard work, skills and experience.

So where can you polish your skills for such competitions?

Nope, college design project is not the answer.

Well, the answer is, these short shot competitions. These competitions allow you to gain knowledge about various topics which will help you in the future. Let’s just face it, our colleges do not provide us with practical knowledge and skills. Those can be learnt only from participating in workshops, webinars and competitions.

These short shot competitions are free or of very low cost, and time efficient.

See, everybody works to achieve something. Even if they are charging a nominal fee, it does not mean they are being unrealistic. Everyone has to pay their bills. And in return they are giving you a lot more than the worth of that fees. They provide you with a new topic to research on. They polish your presentation skills. They are giving you chances again and again to improve your work.

Every short shot competition has a panel of jury like any other competition. You are evaluated exactly in the same way as in any other international competition. The panel decides who earn what rank. So, in these competitions you get an honest evaluation and critics like any other competition.

Also you would notice a distinct connection with the organizers of such short shots. Mostly organizers of such short shot competitions are found to be more interactive and helping. You can get frank tips from these organizers which you might not get from others since they see both the sides of the competition.

Even when you lose these competitions, you see numerous sheets that have won. You see different perspectives of different people on the same problem. And get an opportunity to explore your creativity.

So if you find an architecture competition with an interesting brief, but no cash prize or no participation certificate, do not hesitate. Register right away because

Kisi ne kaha hai,

“Kaamyaab hone ke liye nahin, Kaabil hone ke liye padho!”

(  Someone has said it right,

Don’t study to become successful, study to become worthy“).

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