August 2020

Winners Interview! (Vacanza)

What were your key priorities while designing? Offering an experience, a very tangible experience, that can help the visitor to come closer to the nature as well as forget the scratches of urban walls from his mind for a short time. What all you made sure were avoided? For designing a cottage in an island, I […]

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Results MNC-2 (VACANZA)

Micro Nation just announced the results of Micro Nation Challenge – 2 (VACANZA).  Challenge is to design a holiday cottage for a resort on an island.  There was a lot of interesting projects submitted. Below we present all winning entries: 1st Prize Project by: MD. Galib Nur Anan  [Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)]

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COURTYARD: Just An Element?

With time, the growth in population has resulted in more compact houses. Not only the size, but the style has also changed. If you compare today’s house plans to house plans 30 years ago, they will be completely different. Not only the materials and placement but also many key elements have been subtracted from the

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First of all, people should be very clear about what comes under \’concept\’ and what does not. A design concept is the idea behind your design. It is how you plan on solving the design problems in front of you. Its the underlying logic, thinking and reasoning for how you\’ll design your building. Some people



HOW TO DECIDE YOUR GENRE OF COMPETITION? What is a person\’s genre? Does everybody have a genre? Is there anything like a competition genre? Well yes, there is. There is a wide variety of the types of architecture competition. Every now and then you come across a competition with challenges created very inventively. But there


Why Short Competitions?

WHY SHORT SHOT ARCHITECTURE COMPETITIONS ( LIKE OURS) ARE IMPORTANT? Every architecture student keeps on looking for an architecture competition to participate in. But have you ever asked yourself, \” Why am I participating in these competitions\”? For cash prizes? For acknowledgement?  or For learning something new? International competition organizers charge handsome registration fees for

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