What is a person’s genre?

Does everybody have a genre?

Is there anything like a competition genre?

Well yes, there is.

There is a wide variety of the types of architecture competition. Every now and then you come across a competition with challenges created very inventively. But there are categories in which these competitions can be divided:

  • Imaginative
  • Constructive
  • Individual
  • Group
  • Public welfare
  • Individual level


There are competitions where they test your knowledge about the construction criteria’s and norms availing in the architecture community. Where you have to take proper care of the site you choose for the construction of your building and follow all the guidelines and standards of designing.

Then comes the competitions which expect you to imagine the best and most bizarre designs. Where the norms and guidelines play no role. Which are conducted to test your extent of imagination for most absurd situations.


It self explains itself.

Here you have to decide your comfort. Whether you like working in a group like a team or individually. Individual competitions bounds you in participation. But that is not the case in group competitions. There you can participate individually as well as in a group.


There are competitions in which you have to design for 1-2 users like a house designing competition, an interior designing competition, a studio designing competition. Then there are public spaces like library, school, theater etc. Both the kinds have different sets of challenges and solutions.


We recommend students pursuing bachelors to participate in every kind of competition. Bachelors is the time when you are still discovering your interests and assets. Participating in every type of competitions gives you the experience and knowledge of every vertical. Also you learn new things. You learn how competitions are done. You learn about the norms and guidelines in architecture.

Also please note, not everybody has a genre. Genre is something that is developed with time. And if one says that he has a genre, then he has to be very good in that vertical. If that is not so, then you still don’t have a genre.

Its not a bad thing to not have a genre.

You simply can go through the brief of the competition and if you like it. Register for it. You yourself will develop your interest in that topic. As simple as that.

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