Winners Interview! (Vacanza)

What were your key priorities while designing?

Offering an experience, a very tangible experience, that can help the visitor to come closer to the nature as well as forget the scratches of urban walls from his mind for a short time.

What all you made sure were avoided?

For designing a cottage in an island, I tried to avoid exotic materials and to use biodegradable and natural materials so that if in future there comes a time when the island has to go under sea, everything can be given back to the nature that was taken.  

What was the toughest part for you?

The toughest part was creating open spaces and merging with the living masses as well as using thick clay walls in the minimum floor area, but these are the challenges I wanted to take.

Explain the special features of your design in your words?
  • Interactive activities for creating a chance to enjoy both, the ocean and the cottage
  • A unique idea of `Water place`, to make a comfortable environment
  • I tried to take the full advantage of the climate. A cooling intervention using rain named `pot-in-pot` house to keep the interior cool
What do you think about this challenge 2?

Micro house challenge makes a statement that we may not need vast spaces for making good quality spaces. An inspiration for everyone to rethink while designing as with the passage of time, the amount of living spaces are decreasing and the more space we consume the less space is left for others, as well as nature.

Thank you! Mr.  Galib 

It was great talking to you.

Congratulations again!

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